Minimum rental period in Phuket and Samui 3 days. For the PhangNga region - 7 days.


Booking is possible only in your personal account after submitting an application on the website. Reservations by mail, phone or other methods are not possible.



-Original passport/id card

-Original international driving license

-Deposit 3000 baht / 5000 baht / 10000 baht (deposit will be indicated at the time of booking)

Photos of documents will be taken on delivery. The original documents remain with the renter.



To rent a car you need to have an international driver's license.



1. Cash on the day of delivery. Payment can be made ONLY in thai baht, and if possible in USD or euro depending on the rental company (check in advance before booking)

2. by Visa/Mastercard on the day of delivery with a 3% commission (depending on the rental company, it will be indicated at the time of booking)

3. The deposit (if any) is paid on the delivery day only in cash and, if possible, the equivalent in USD/euro depending on the rental company (check in advance before booking).



- via PayPal (by any bank card in any currency)

For Russian citizens and/or cardholders of Russian banks

- transfer to a Russian bank card (in Russian rubles)

*Manager will contact you and provide payment details




To reserve a car 7 days or more in advance, a prepayment is required.

During peak season 20/12 - 15/01 prepayment is required when booking 2 days or more in advance.

The amount of the prepayment depends on the order and is indicated when booking.

When early booking, the rental company can not guarantee in advance the color, mileage of the car and other specific details. It is obliged to provide the selected class of the car.

In cases when the reserved car can not be delivered within the agreed time frame for various reasons (accident, technical malfunction, overbooking, etc.), the rental company undertakes to:

1. Replace the car with a similar one from the SAME class (the cost can be recalculated depending on the car and the rental company);

2. Replace the car with another one of a higher class, if there are no available options in the same class (without additional payment or with recalculation of the cost depending on the rental company);

3. Cancel the order and make a full refund of the previously deposited funds if there are no available replacement options.



In cases of cancellation of a reservation with a prepayment (partial or full), it is not refundable, regardless of how long before the start of the rental period the reservation was canceled. Force majeure circumstances are not grounds for refunding the advance payment.

In cases of cancellation of a reservation without prepayment, penalties depend on the rental company.

In cases of cancellation at the time of delivery, penalties depend on the rental company.



There may be several drivers. The main thing is to have a physical original of your driver's license with you (photos or copies are not suitable).

Driver age restrictions depend on the rental company. Please check before booking.



All cars are covered with basic, 1st class or business insurance with a deductible.

The franchise amount depends on the rental company and will be indicated before booking the car. The deductible is the amount of the renter's maximum liability in the event of an accident due to the fault of the renter or when the culprit of the accident can not be identified, as well as in the event of damage to the car due to careless driving of the renter or when the culprit of the damage can not be identified.

*Additional insurance is not provided. Franchise is a mandatory rental condition.



Child seats are available upon request. According to Thai law, a child seat of any age is not required.

The cost depends on the rental period and will be indicated at the time of booking.



Delivery is possible to any area of the island: airport, hotel, apartment. The cost of this service depends on the area and the conditions of the rental company. The cost will be indicated at the time of booking.



-The car is delivered by an English-speaking Thai employee.

If delivery to the hotel/apartment, the renter is contacted by the phone number specified in the order.

If delivery to the airport, an employee waits at the airport exit with the renter's name paper.

If the renter can not be contacted on the delivery day, the rental company has the right to cancel the reservation without refunding the prepayment, if it has been paid. The renter can reinstate the reservation if the car is available for rent, or book another option if available.

If the renter is late on the day of delivery and has not notified this in advance, an additional fee will be charged for re-delivery at another time (the amount depends on the rental company). If the rental period is reduced, the total amount will not be recalculated.

During peak season (20.12 - 15.01) on the day of delivery the renter cannot be contacted for more than half an hour, the rental company has the right to cancel the reservation without refunding the advance payment, if it has been paid.

-Payment of the full amount for the entire rental period + deposit (if any) + other additional payments, if any

-Contract in English language.

-Before signing the contract, the renter undertakes to inspect the car, record any damage (take photos/videos), and show it to the employee.

-Damage discovered when returning the car (even if it was not the renter’s FAULT) is assessed on the spot and the amount is withheld in accordance with the rental agreement.

-The contract indicates the level of gasoline on the day of delivery.



-Copy of the contract only.

-Documents for the car and insurance paper are NOT issued.



-The car is returned at the same time of  the delivery and in the same place. Other conditions are discussed in advance and noted in the contract.

Violation of the conditions for returning the car will result in a fine.

Returns are not possible in other provinces.

An additional payment is provided for each additional hour of rental according to the rental agreement.

If the return time is earlier, no refund.

If the return is made in another area, an additional payment is possible (depending on the rental company).

-After inspecting the car, the deposit (if any) is returned to the lessee in whole or in part depending on the condition of the car.

-The deposit (if any) will be returned in the same currency in which it was paid upon delivery.

-The renter undertakes to return the car with the same level of gasoline, otherwise the renter will pay the difference in cash according to the rental agreement.

-If the gasoline level is higher, the difference is not refunded.

-Return earlier than the period specified in the contract is possible, but without a refund for unused rental days or with recalculation of the daily cost for the actual rental period (depending on the rental company).



If the renter decides to extend the rental period while it is already in use, he needs to contact the manager at least 24 hours before the end date of the rental stated in the contract. If the car is available, the rental period is extended.



-If an accident occurs, the renter undertakes to contact the employees of the rental company by phone specified in the contract (English/Thai).

-The manager will provide instructions over the phone and the renter will need to wait for the insurance company to register the insured event.

-If the renter DID NOT REPORT the accident, but resolved all the issues independently, the damage found when returning the car is assessed and the amount is withheld in accordance with the rental agreement. Responsibility falls entirely on the renter, since the insured event was not recorded.

-If the renter reported the accident, but resolved all the issues with the third party independently before the arrival of the insurance company, responsibility falls entirely on the renter, since this case falls under the case when the culprit of the accident cannot be identified. All participants in the accident must be present.

-If, as a result of an accident, the car received minor body damage and it does not in any way affect the safe driving of the car, the lessee continues to use it until the end of the rental period.

-If, as a result of the accident, the car was seriously damaged and its further operation is impossible, the rental company undertakes to provide a replacement car if there are available options, or has the right to terminate the rental agreement and refund money for unused rental days if there is no option for a replacement.



It is discussed additionally before booking a car. Depending on where you plan to travel and for how long, an additional payment is possible.

If it is approved, servicing outside the rental area is not provided. The renter solves all problems independently. Assistance will only be provided by phone. If the renter leaves the rental area without prior approval, a fine will be charged when returning the car. The sum of the fine depends on the rental company and the distance.

In cases where repairs are needed, the renter pays independently. Refunds will be made only if receipts for payment are available and if the breakdown was not the fault of the renter.

If an accident occurs and the car can no longer be used, another car for replace will be provided only if there are available options and for an additional fee, depending on the remoteness of the accident site.

Speed on the highway is limited to 100 km/h!

Driving outside the country of Thailand is not permitted.


Traffic rules

1. At an intersection, you are allowed to turn left at a red traffic light if you do not interfere with other traffic participants and/or if there is a corresponding sign.

2. At a T-junction, you are allowed to drive straight in the left lane at a red traffic light if you do not interfere with other traffic participants and/or if there is a corresponding sign.

3. You cannot park on the sidewalk in places where it is painted red-white or yellow-white. Pay attention to other prohibiting parking signs. For violation of parking rules, there is a fine, which the renter pays independently.

If the wheel is blocked:

You need to go to the police station in the area where the car is parked and pay the fine. The wheel will be unlocked within 15 minutes.

4. Don't park in taxi drivers' spaces. They can damage the car. Damage will be the responsibility of the renter.

5. Obey the speed limit. There are cameras installed on many sections of the road.

6. You can cross the yellow solid dividing line.

7. According to unspoken rules, you can cross the white solid and double solid dividing line (officially NOT allowed). If an accident occurs during the maneuver, you will be at fault.

8. If you want to be let through, blink your headlights.

9. When moving around the circle, priority goes to the one who is already on it.

10. You cannot DRINK alcohol while driving or drive while intoxicated. You cannot keep an open bottle of alcohol in your car, even if a passenger is drinking. The permissible dose of alcohol is 0.05% or 0.5 g/l.

11. If a situation arises where you need to stop suddenly, turn on your emergency lights. The car following you will not overtake and will not create an emergency situation.



1. Driving without an international driver's license - 500- 10,000 baht or 3 months in prison.

2. Driving through a red traffic light - 500 baht.

3. Driving in oncoming traffic - 500 baht.

4. Parking in a prohibited place - 500 baht.

5. Driving while drunk - up to a year in prison, a fine of up to 200 thousand baht or deprivation of rights from six months to life. As a rule, the situation can be resolved on the spot.