Car Rental Affiliate Program

Welcome to our team!

Are you blogger or traveller, travel website, real estate agency or travel agency owner? Earn additional income from 50% of sabaimotors.com income on your content or website.

Who will be interested in our offer?

  • Real estate agencies operating in Thailand
  • Website owners (recommended topics: tourism, travel, regional portals, women's websites, forums, etc.)
  • Bloggers and travelers keeping blogs in social networks or video hosting (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Owners of groups in social networks or YouTube accounts (Twitter, VK, Facebook, Classmates, etc.)
  • SEO professionals (acceptable types of traffic)
  • Travel Agencies
  • And also all who wants to earn on the sale of car leases in Thailand.

How it works?

  1. Register and insert form to your website

    After registration and your account activation, you will get access to your personal account, where you can adjust the form according to your website style.


  2. Potential customer creates a ticket

    Give to your website visitor or potential customer to make a request. He will choose among a variety of profitable individually made proposals from trusted companies.

  3. Companies managers make offers

    Managers of companies make offers in accordance with customer request. All offers information are available for any company-bidder, which encourages companies to make the most profitable offer among competitors.

  4. Customer chooses

    The system operates on the principle of an auction in which sellers make bets, and the client chooses the most profitable and suitable offer.

  5. Customer is satisfied

    The client booked the car at the best price, received high-quality personalized service and support.

  6. You earn money

    You receive a commission of 50% of our income from every success sale.

What is the difference between our company and other similar systems?

Unlike most aggregators working on the rental market, we work with companies representing local small business. It makes possible for the customers to choose from previously unavailable offers, in convenient form. Our affiliate program can be used not in place of, but in addition to existing affiliate programs if it already exists, to give your customers an additional choice.

Statistics and accounting

МWe keep track of conversions and sales using cookies that are stored for 90 days, which means that even after your referral has clicked on the link, within 90 days all his requests will be assigned to your affiliate account and you will receive revenue from each successfully sold lead. After registering and activating the partner account, you will be able to access a personal account with detailed sales statistics.

Comission payments

We will pay 50% from our income from successfull tickets. Payments occur in the billing period once a month for electronic purses or a bank account.